Time to Win

What started as a brief email, Time to Win has developed into a thought-provoking newsletter that touches on the principles of sales, management and business leadership. When it hits teammates’ inboxes early Monday morning as they sip their coffee and prep for the week, it inspires them with stories, advice, and tasks of how they can win today and every day moving forward — and we hope it does the same for you. Winning at GKB isn’t about our success, it’s about our advertising partners, fans and teammates achieving success.

About the Author

Sam PinesSam Pines is a Vice President, Partner and Thought Leader at Good Karma Brands (GKB), which is primarily a media and marketing company with expertise in leveraging the power of sports to build brands. GKB utilizes their partnership with ESPN with radio affiliates across the country and as a digital advertising liaison to bring local advertisers customized solutions within and around the best brand in sports. Sam began his career at GKB in 2000, joining founder and CEO Craig Karmazin and four other partners of GKB, after leaving his career at accounting firm Arthur Andersen. He moved to Cleveland in 2006, and now spends his day managing the ESPN Cleveland team, brainstorming GKB’s next big move, serving as a board member on Greater Cleveland Sports Commission, Autism Speaks and Folds of Honor (just to name a few), and spending time with his wife Deborah and daughters Ellie and Zoey.

Forming Habits

Throughout our life and our careers, we form various habits that are incorporated into our daily routine and make us more productive and effective. What if you didn’t form those habits?  What if today was day one […]

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Better than AI

Most of us have seen or heard that AI (Artificial Intelligence) is going to take over everything, including most purchasing decisions. In simple terms, this means that decisions are being made by a machine or software that is programmed […]

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You’re Wrong and I’m Right!

Last post I discussed giving simple answers to current and future customers and not trying to be the smartest person in the room. But what do you do when the customer is telling you […]

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Simple Answers Are Best

Often in sales and in management, we feel like we’re supposed to have all the answers and effectively be the smartest person in the room. Although sometimes it is not conscious, […]

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Knowing your customers’ objectives might seem like a basic topic, it is not an easy concept to keep top of mind. At its core, objectives are the reason customer take […]

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