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GOOD KARMA BRANDS PRIVACY POLICY AND YOUR CALIFORNIA PRIVACY RIGHTS is the official Web site for Good Karma Brands, LLC and Good Karma Broadcasting LLC. This site is owned and operated by Good Karma Brands, LLC.

Your privacy is very important to us. Because we gather certain types of personally identifiable information from users of our Web site and for various station activities, operational and business purposes, we feel you should know how we collect, use, disclose, manage, and store the personal information that you may voluntarily provide us and the personal information that is collected passively through the use of cookies or image tags on our Web site. This Privacy Policy is a part of the site’s Terms of Use Agreement, which is binding on all site users. Terms of Use

Agreement: This Policy applies only to the personal information collected by this station and does not cover any such information collected by its corporate parent(s), affiliates, or any other company, unless specifically stated.

If you do not agree with this Privacy Policy, please do not participate in the station’s online or off-line activities and services that require you to provide your personal information. (The type of personal information collected is listed below.) This Policy provides information regarding your choices to either opt-out or opt-in when your personal information is used for various promotional and marketing purposes by the station, site, its corporate affiliates, and/or our generous advertisers, sponsors, or promotional partners. For example, for the station, site or our corporate affiliate’s use of your personal information for marketing and promotional purposes, we provide you with the right to opt-out. However, the choice for sharing your personal information with advertisers may be different. Please see details in the Disclosure to Advertisers section below.


Residents of the State of California, under a new provision of the California Civil Code, have the right to request from companies conducting business in California a list of all third parties to which the company has disclosed
personal information during the preceding year for direct marketing purposes. Alternatively, the law provides that if the company has a privacy policy that gives either an opt-out or opt-in choice for use of your personal information by third parties (such as advertisers or affiliated companies) for marketing purposes, the company may instead provide you with information on how to exercise your disclosure choice options.

This station qualifies for the alternative option; it has a comprehensive privacy policy and provides you with details on how you may opt-out or opt-in to the use of your personal information by third parties for direct marketing purposes. Therefore, we are not required to maintain or disclose a list of the third parties that received your personal information during the preceding year for marketing purposes.

If you are a California resident and request information about how to exercise your third party disclosure choices you must send a request to the following address with a preference on how our response to your request should be sent (e-mail or postal mail). You may contact us in two ways. Send e-mail to alternatively, you may contact the company at: Good Karma Brands 301 W Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 200, Milwaukee, WI 53203 Attn: Privacy Administrator.

For requests sent via e-mail, you must put the statement “Your California Privacy Rights” in the subject field of your e-mail. All requests sent via postal mail must be labeled “Your California Privacy Rights” on the envelope or post card and clearly stated on the actual request. For all requests, please include your name, street address, city, state, and zip code. (Your street address is optional if you wish to receive a response to your request via email. Please include your zip code for our own record keeping.) We will not accept requests via the telephone or by facsimile. We are not responsible for notices that are not labeled or sent properly, or do not have complete information.

To all other users of this site, if you have other questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact our Privacy Administrator at the following e-mail address: or Good Karma Brands 301 W Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 200, Milwaukee, WI 53203 Attn: Privacy Administrator.

Unless specified otherwise on the site, all users must be at least 18 years of age and a legal resident of the United States to participate in any activity that requires the submission of personal information. This site is designed and targeted to United States (U.S.) audiences and is governed by and operated in accordance with the laws of the United States. We make no representation that this site is operated in accordance with the laws or governed by other nations. By your participation in our site activities, you certify that you are at least 18 years of age and located in the U.S. If you are located in the European Union or elsewhere outside of the U.S. and you participate in activities on this site contrary to our policy that only U.S. residents are eligible for certain activities, you do so at your own risk and initiative, and are responsible for compliance with any applicable local laws. Please be aware that any personal information you transfer to us will be transferred to the U.S and subject to U.S. law. By using this site, participating in any site activities, and/or providing us with your personal information, you consent to this transfer of personal information to the U.S., and waive any claims that may arise under your own national laws.

All users of the site are required to provide true, current, complete and accurate personal information when prompted and we will reject and delete any entry that we believe in good faith to be false, fraudulent, or
inconsistent with this Privacy Policy.

Your continued participation on this site indicates your acceptance of this Privacy Policy and of the collection, use, disclosure, management and storage of your personal information as described below. We may from time to time, transfer or merge any personal information collected off-line to our online databases or store off-line information in an electronic format. We may also combine personal information we collect online with information available from other sources, including information received from advertisers, or marketing companies. This Privacy Policy covers all such personal information and will remain in full force and effect as long as you are a user of the site or a participant in station activities. We reserve the right to revise this policy at any time by updating this posting without advance notice to you. Such revisions shall be effective to you immediately upon posting. Therefore, we encourage you to check this Privacy Policy often.


Generally, you may browse this site without providing any personal information. For certain activities (such as contest and sweepstakes registrations, membership, awards points and loyal listener clubs, nominations for civic or Best Teacher/Coach awards, or registration for chat rooms and message boards) the personal information you voluntarily provide may include your first/middle and last name, home address, business address, email address, telephone number, age, birthdate, gender, employer or personal preferences, depending on the activity. Your personal information will be used to implement the specific activity or event and will be used for the marketing of additional events, services and merchandising for this site and Good Karma Brands. We will not sell, exchange, rent, lease or otherwise disclose your personal information to other third-party marketers or any such persons that are not associated with the station as an advertiser, sponsor, or promotional partner unless it is necessary to 1) conform to regulatory and legal requirements or to comply with legal process, 2) to protect the safety and security of our users, employees, or property, 3) to defend the rights of the site or the station, or 4) to enforce the Terms of Use Agreement. (Specifics on how we may share your information with advertisers are explained below.)

It is necessary that we share your personal information with our operational service providers, the specialists that provide internal support to our site design, development, hosting and operations including maintenance, management, storage and/or fulfillment of our membership and e-mail clubs, various contests, sweepstakes, services, events and online stores. We use operational service providers to efficiently provide the full range of content, activities and membership services we bring to you and we request that our operational service providers also protect your privacy and not disclose your personal information with third-party marketers that are not associated with the station or Web site.

Furthermore, we reserve the right to disclose any and all membership and visitor databases collected by the Web site, in the event that the assets of Good Karma Brands, its licensee or parent company are sold or transferred to, or merged with a different company or entity, and to contact you at any time regarding the administration of the site, its various activities and your membership.

We explain below what our policy is for the collection, use and disclosure of users’ personal information for the site and advertisers.

Advertising support allows us to offer, free of charge, many great activities and services to our users such as contests, sweepstakes and special events. Therefore, we may also use your personal information for the marketing of events, products or services of our generous advertisers. There are two ways users may receive such information from advertisers, either indirectly via newsletters, e-mail or direct mail from the site, or directly from the advertiser. We may use one or both methods depending on the activity and the advertiser.

When we plan to share your information with advertisers, you will receive such notice on the site and/or in the rules of participation for the activity or event. However, please be informed that our advertisers may not have the
same privacy policies that we do. Therefore, we will ask you for your consent first to receive marketing information directly from our advertisers. You will need to check the opt-in boxes indicated on the registration area for the particular activity or event, or notify the site’s Privacy Administrator at However, if you do not wish to receive marketing or promotional materials from the site and/or station, you will need to tell us so by clicking the opt-out boxes indicated on the registration area for the particular event, or notify the site’s Privacy Administrator. Please note that this process is different than the one for advertisers.

We reserve the right to monitor and edit any personal information about our users, including information about the use of Web site activities and services and the contents of users’ e-mail and messages for internal purposes and when necessary, to disclose to law enforcement personnel, and/or the employer and/or internet service provider of a user that is not in compliance with the Terms of Use Agreement. We will take such measures if we believe it is necessary to protect the security and operations of this site. We provide aggregate statistics about our users, traffic patterns and related Web site information to advertisers, reputable third-party vendors or marketing companies, but these statistics do not disclose personal information about a particular user.


Although persons of all ages may visit our site and participate in activities that do not require the collection of personal information, we do not knowingly or intentionally collect personal information from children under the age of 13 and will automatically reject and delete the registration or entry of any person we believe in good faith to be underage. Any false or fraudulent registration or entry from a minor will be deemed to be ineligible and will disqualify the minor from the receipt of a prize, benefit or other participation.

This site has may have contests and prizes that could appeal to children. However, we still do not knowingly or intentionally collect personal Information from children. If we unintentionally receive personal information from children under the age of 13 in relation to this activity, we will comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (COPPA) and reject and destroy such correspondence. For more information about COPPA, please see the Federal Trade Commission’s website:


We do not generally keep e-mail correspondence, except for those emails that relate to the on-air programs of Good Karma Brands. As required by Federal law, if any part of your e-mail correspondence relates to station programming, we must place such correspondence in the station’s FCC Public File, or make the correspondence available via electronic file access at the station to anyone that requests such information. Therefore, be informed that your personal information contained in certain e-mail will be disclosed to the general public.


If this site sells goods and/or services or provides auction services we will request personal information that includes your credit card or other payment information, full name, billing and shipping address, e-mail address and telephone number and any such information that is required to fulfill your order and to communicate with you regarding your order. Sensitive personal information such as credit card account numbers will be collected though a secured internet connection generally via SSL or SHTTP protocols. We may use your personal information, (but not your credit card number) to contact you about future products, services and discounts from the station or to provide such information indirectly from our advertisers, unless you tell us otherwise. We will only use your credit card number to complete the specific transaction you requested.


For your enjoyment and entertainment, this site offers user interactive activities such as chat rooms, message boards, and/or public forums. We do not share any personal information that is entered into the Public Forum registration and/or correspondence areas with advertisers. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to save and archive any content of any nature posted to the site and that the station may, without liability to any user, disclose such content if required to do so by law or to comply with legal processes; to respond to claims that any of the content violates the property, privacy, publicity or other rights of others; or to protect the rights, property or safety of the site, the station, its employees, users and members of the public. For more information on this site’s rules of conduct for these Public Forums, please see our Terms of Use Agreement.


This Privacy Policy does not cover third-party advertising or third-party content that may be present on the site. This site may provide banner and general advertising, in addition to other content provided by our advertisers or operational service providers. Users may from time to time enter into correspondence with or participation in such advertising, promotions or third-party content offered through the site. Such correspondence and agreements are solely between the user and the advertiser or the third party content provider and do not involve the site. Also, advertisers and such third-party content providers may not have the same privacy policies that we do and you are encouraged to read their privacy policy first.


This site often provides links to third parties’ websites that could be of interest to our users, including the Web sites of our advertisers. These Web sites do not have an affiliation with the site or station and may have different privacy policies and business practices than we do. We take no responsibility for such Web sites, as stated in our Terms of Use Agreement. By use of this site, you have agreed that you will use the hyperlinks to third party sites at your own risk.


Cookies will also be used by certain advertisers and other entities featured on the site to monitor and track your usage of the site, number of visits, or the number of times that you have reviewed an ad or other features, so that we may customize your visit based on your personal interests. You should be aware that different rules might apply to the collection, use or disclosure of your personal information by other third parties in connection with their advertisements, promotions and other Web sites you encounter on the internet. The use of cookies and other technology by these third parties is within their control and not ours. Even if we have a relationship with the third party, we do not control those sites or their policies and practices regarding your personal information. This Privacy Policy does not cover any use of personal information that a third party or an advertiser may collect from you. We encourage you to investigate and ask questions directly of them in this regard.


We conduct the collection, management, maintenance and storage of visitor information in a secure and reasonable manner using acceptable standards of security technology and practices (e.g., electronic security
systems and password protections) to protect against the loss, misuse or alteration of personal information data. We also request that our operational service providers to also take such precautions. databases are accessible only by authorized personnel.

However, please note that when users transmit personal information over an unsecured internet connection, the site is not responsible for the security of that information during the transmission stage as your e-mail or registration could be copied or intercepted by unknown third parties. We use a secured connection only for the sale of goods and services but we do not use a secured connection for other types of activities. Therefore, you understand, acknowledge, and agree that you transmit certain personal information over this site at your own risk.


You may review, update or delete your personal information collected by the site. To do so, please e-mail the site’s Privacy Administrator at To have access to your personal information, you must provide proof of identification such as full name, street address, city/state and zip code, user ID and password, and/or information about your recent activity on the Web site. We reserve the right to deny access to any user if we believe there is a question about your identity. Certain types of personal information that are necessary to check eligibility, such as birthdate or age, cannot be modified or deleted.


If you have any questions about this privacy policy, please contact our Privacy Administrator at the following e-mail address: or: Good Karma Brands 301 W Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 200, Milwaukee, WI 53203 Attn: Privacy Administrator

This Privacy Policy was last updated on December 8, 2022.