Rainman – The Homer Hour

Rainman is a trivia game that takes place every Wednesday on The Homer Hour. One (1) participant will be selected via a cue to call to answer (15) trivia questions that Homer (show host) asks them. Upon getting through the contest line, the caller will win a qualifying prize of a $25 Cousins Subs gift card for participating in the segment.  The caller will then answer (15) trivia questions from the show host.  The caller with the most correct answers in a given segment will be the Rainman leader until another caller can correctly answer more questions than the previous high score.  The participant with the most correct answers out of (15) by the end of the Promotion dates will be awarded a grand prize of a $312 gift card to Cousins Subs – also referred to as “Cousins Subs for a year”.

Click Here for Official Contest rules