Your Unfair Advantage

Google, the most trusted and convenient dictionary 😊, defines unfair advantage as: “were someone investing in you or in your idea, your unfair advantage might be why you’d win the investment over the competition.”  The key to consistently winning is all about your unfair advantage, which can be described in three-part process.

Step 1: Have an unfair advantage.

As an example, at Good Karma Brands (GKB), I believe all parts of our business have an unfair advantage.  If I didn’t believe that to be true in all of GKB’s solutions, I wouldn’t want us to sell them and our customers would not want to invest in them. If you would like to hear about our unfair advantages, message me! 😊

Step 2: Be knowledgeable on your unfair advantage.

Once you’ve identified your unfair advantage, continue to educate yourself on the details of that advantage and how you plan to share it with others.

Step 3: Exploit your unfair advantage.

Your customers and future customers get contacted by a lot of salespeople telling them why they should “win their investment”.  Continue to educate yourself on your customer’s goals to position yourself as an expert. You will then be able to explain their benefit or WIFM (What’s In It For Me) associated with your unfair advantage and specifically why it will help them reach their goals.