“How’s Work?”

With the holidays finally here, most of your time will be spent eating food, opening gifts and spending time with family and friends. I have a few suggestions as you may find yourself answering questions regarding your career life.

Be prepared to answer, “How are things at work?” This is a very common question from family and friends, especially ones you haven’t seen in person for a long time. Since you might know ahead of time who you are going to see and what would make sense to tell them, you can think about your answers prior. Remember to think about what would be most important or interesting to them (WIFM = “what’s in it for me?”) and it wouldn’t hurt to have a few examples of recent successes or “wins” to share to help illustrate what you’re discussing. More importantly, ask questions and listen to how they’re doing – don’t be afraid to ask questions about an unfamiliar industry, ask who would make a good referral, and tell them how they can refer business or people to you as well!

But remember, the most important thing to do over the holidays is to enjoy! As we all say goodbye to another year, we look to 2022 for more opportunities to grow, prosper, and succeed both personally and professionally. Take some time to reflect, celebrate your wins, and think about how you want to  help your current and future army of ambassadors win in 2022 and beyond.