Building Employer Brands

While Time to Win usually focuses on sales, this week I want to talk about the fundamentals of marketing and how they can help solve many businesses’ biggest challenge right now. Although most marketing focuses on consumer brand awareness, the challenge now for most businesses is to build an a positive employer brand.

First, let’s define consumer brand awareness. It is the extent to which customers can recall or recognize a brand.

Why does it matter for a business to have positive consumer brand awareness?  It is the best way to have long-term revenue success.  Positive consumer brand awareness will put your product at the top of the list of considerations when a customer is in the market to buy a product you sell. How do you build positive consumer brand awareness? You tell the right audience, the right message with the right amount of frequency.

What is an employer brand?  It is an employer’s reputation as a place to work— who you are and what you mean to your current and future employees. Why does it matter to have positive employer brand awareness? Because it will put your company at the top of the list of considerations when a potential employee is in the market to fill a role you need or want to fill. The most successful companies often say their biggest asset is their people. The way to continue to find and retain the best people is to have positive employer brand awareness.  How do you build a good and effective employer brand? You tell the right audience, the right message with the right amount of frequency. Sound familiar?:).

Every business decision maker I talk to tells me about their need for more labor and their biggest challenge is finding and retaining employees. Marketing fundamentals can help you by building your employer brand. Whether you are helping businesses with their marketing, compensation, office space or you’re a CPA, think about how you can help solve this overarching challenge in business today. Like most other times we can help it all starts with a discovery question. When you are in a conversation and someone says I can’t find/retain enough help, you can ask a question like “what do you think your employer brand is?”. Once we know how they look at their employer brand, it will allow us to figure out how we can help.