ESPN West Palm 20th Anniversary

Hour 1: The Steve & Craig Show

The ESPN West Palm 20 for 20 broadcast kicks off with a Steve & Craig reunion with Lance Davis and JMart.

Hour 2: ESPN 106.3 on WPTV

ESPN West Palm celebrates 20 years with 20 hours of radio by looking back at ESPN 106.3 on WPTV with Theo Dorsey, Tyree Smith, Kelley Bydlon, Emerson Lotzia and Evan Cohen.

Hour 3: Saturday Sports Page Reunion

ESPN West Palm celebrates 20 years with a reunion of the Saturday Sports Page between Mike G, Jim Rutledge, Mclovin and Pratik.

Hour 4: Top 63

Cyrus Wittig takes us through the years of Top 63 history with guests from lists past and present.

Hour 5: Deportes

The story and journey of Deportes Radio 760 as told by Julian Zaldivar, Cyrus Wittig, Elias Bustamante, and Pratik Patel.

Hour 6: Weekend Shows

Nolan Murphy, Jordan Sherwood, and Ken LaVicka look back on weekend shows from over the years.

Hour 7: Growing Up Through ESPN West Palm

Joe Colella and Alex Petakas look back on growing up through ESPN West Palm and are joined by Brian Rowitz, Pratik Patel, Chris Kokell, and Ginette Javier.

Hour 8: The Women of ESPN West Palm

A roundtable featuring all of the women who have helped build ESPN West Palm and how much of an impact the brand has on the community and others.

Hours 9 & 10: Theo and Stone Take The Reigns

Theo Dorsey and Stone Labanowitz bring in guests to talk about high school football, the Miami Dolphins, and the Boca Raton Bowl.

Hours 11 & 12: Evan’s First Shift

Evan Cohen anchors the halfway point of the 20-hour celebration of ESPN West Palm’s 20th Anniversary by discussing sports coverage in Palm Beach County.

Hours 13 & 14: Ken LaVicka Live

Ken LaVicka takes you through the many voices that have been a part of the show over the years.

Hours 15, 16 & 17: Josh Cohen & The HomeTeam

The ESPN West Palm 20 for 20 celebration looks back on Josh Cohen and The HomeTeam.

Hours 18, 19 & 20:The Evan Cohen Show

The Evan Cohen Show looks back on 20 years of ESPN West Palm with all of your favorite personalities from the past 20 years.

The 21st Hour

Evan, JMart, Prince, JMP and Mclovin look back on 20 years of the Evan Cohen show with memorable sound clips and memories.