Jen, Gabe and Chewy Grievances Bracket

WKTI 94.5 ESPN Milwaukee’s Jen, Gabe and Chewy are giving away a Jen, Gabe and Chewy branded sweatshirt and an ESPN Milwaukee prize pack on April 8, 2024. Fans may enter by being one of the first 32 listeners to text “JGC” into the ESPN Milwaukee Talk and Text line (1-800-990-3776) on Thursday, March 21, 2024, when prompted during Jen, Gabe and Chewy beginning at 7:00AM CST and ending at 9:00AM CST. The first thirty-two (32) people to text into the ESPN Milwaukee Talk and Text line will be randomly one of the “grievances” previously selected and ranked by Jen, Gabe and Chewy. Each day, the grievances will be posted as a poll on (formerly Twitter) where fans can vote for the most annoying grievance. The most voted on grievance in each matchup will move on to the next round until there are just two (2) teams remaining in the championship matchup. The winner who was randomly selected to the grievance that ‘wins’ the bracket will win the grand prize. There will be a total of one (1) grand prize in the contest. The total ARV of the Grand Prize is $75.00.

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