Who Said That?

How well do you know you know the voice of your favorite athletes, actors, and celebrities?! Test your knowledge each week by listening to TBD with Bryan Dee and Tony Smith on 94.5 ESPN! Every Thursday, a short audio clip is played on the show of a specific person. Fans can call into the show and have one guess to identify who the voice on the audio clip is. If they identify the person correctly, they win an ESPN Milwaukee water bottle and koozie* and they are placed into a pool that will be randomly drawn at the end of the following respective seasons as originally scheduled: NFL, NBA and MLB. The Grand Prize winner will win an ESPN Prize Pack.

  • The following dates will signify the end of each season, and therefore the Promotion, as originally scheduled by the respective leagues:
    • NFL season – 2/3/20
    • NBA season – 6/18/20
    • MLB season – 10/29/20


Click here for official contest rules.

*January 2, 2020 through October 29, 2020.