Vulnerability, Video Calls and Your New Advantage

Being vulnerable is one of the most important things you can do in a relationship. Vulnerability will give you a deeper, more honest and genuine bond with your current and future customers and your centers of influence. Being vulnerable is not easy and often is uncomfortable. As an example, showing yourself on video during a call is one layer of vulnerability you can give to your customers. You are being more vulnerable by showing your home and everything that comes with it, whether it is your significant others, roommates, or children, the blank walls you’re embarrassed you never decorated, unfinished basements, COVID facial hair or maybe your actual hair color (FWIW this is my natural color).

Editor’s note: For everyone that works at GKB, it’s required to have your video on except in rare exceptions. Over the last seven months, my teammates have gotten to know Zoey (my 10-year-old) and her love of swinging, and I have met more teammates’ kids, pets, and family members.

Obviously, there is more to being vulnerable than doing a video call after not shaving for a week. I believe the most important part of being vulnerable in sales, marketing and leadership is something I have learned from @Steve Politziner (GKB President) and @Jeff Schmidt (The Three Secrets To Sales Success):

  • Know what you know
  • Be confident in what you know
  • Be known for what you know

Here is my addition to Steve and Jeff’s points:

  • Know what you don’t know
  • Be confident in what you don’t know
  • Dig in to find answers for what you don’t know
  • Be known for what you know

Admitting when you don’t know shows curiosity while simultaneously setting your ego aside—two important parts of building relationships. It’s a simple tweak, but it takes discipline, self-awareness and most importantly vulnerability.  When you allow yourself to show vulnerability, you will build deeper relationships and win more!