The Politziner P’s

Last Thursday, our ESPN Digital and ESPN Network teammates entertained advertising partners for Thursday Night Football at Good Karma Brands luxury tailgate homes in Green Bay, WI adjacent to Lambeau field. To prepare for the event, it was important our team reviewed the “Politziner P’s” – how to prepare prior for events, how to act while you are there and what to do after.   

This week, I am excited to bring in a guest writer, GKB’s President and ESPN Network Division Manager, Steve Politziner, to tell us how he thinks is best to prepare.   

Prepare in advance

  • Make sure you understand the mission/purpose of the event and the related cause.  
  • Schedule time on your calendar to get there early and stay late.  Those are when some of the best connections are made.  This is not easy to do and takes preparation and being intentional with your calendar.  If you’re not able to be early AND stay late, make sure you do one of them.   


  • Ask for a list of attendees ahead of time.  
  • Do some research of them and their company on LinkedIn, other social changes, Google and their company’s website.  
  • Potentially find a target or two, if it makes sense.   


  • What is your elevator speech?  Have your main bullets ready.  
  • Can you answer the questions about any news on you or your company?  Prepare your answer prior.   
  • Practice asking contacts the referral question, “If I meet someone, how would I know they would be a good lead/connection for you?”  


  • Do you have some teammates, customers, connections or friends that would find value in coming to the event?  See if they would like to attend.   
  • Post on Social that you are looking forward to being there and tag the organizer and/or organization.  


  • Events can be crowded. People will bump into you, drinks will be spilled, and plates will be dropped.  Stay poised.  

Pair Up  

  • If you don’t know a lot of people that will be there, it’s great to bring a teammate, good customer or friend.  You can go around together and introduce each other to the various connections you make that you think will be valuable for the other person.  It will feel more like a warm connection, even though it was someone neither of you knew before the event.    
  • If you know a lot of people in the room, see if you can help someone out and make an introduction for them.    


  • It’s an event.  People are there to meet and connect with people they might not know.  If you have a target…don’t miss this opportunity.    
  • If you see someone standing alone who doesn’t seem to know anyone, go up to them and introduce yourself.  Remember, they are there to connect to others too, they just probably don’t know about the Politziner P’s.  They will appreciate that you made the effort to talk to them.    

(Be) Present

  • Simple concept, hard to execute.    

One extra P…  Phollow up: 

  • Send the people you knew prior a note saying it was great to see them: 
  • Mention, at least, one thing you discussed (this does not have to be business related and is always great if it’s personal). 
  • CC teammates who were also in the conversation.   
  • Ideally this is sent within 24 hours of the event’s conclusion. 
  • Connect on LinkedIn or other social channels if you’re not currently connected. 
  • Make a note of when and what your follow up will be to them. 
  • For those people you met at the event, and you didn’t know prior here are the action steps: 
    • Let them know it was great to meet them and mention one thing you discussed (this does not have to be business related and it’s great if it’s personal). 
    • Add to your distribution list (link distribution list TTW) 
    • If they could be a lead; add to your CRM  
    • Connect on LinkedIn and/or other social channels. 
    • Make a note of when and what your follow up will be to them.

How many people should you meet at an event?  The answer is the quantity doesn’t matter; the quality does.  A successful event is when you make one good connection.