Simple Answers Are Best

Often in sales and in management, we feel like we’re supposed to have all the answers and effectively be the smartest person in the room. Although sometimes it is not conscious, this subconscious mentality causes us to complicate things by talking too much instead of keeping our answer simple. In addition, we are likely to focus on our response instead of listening to understand, which may result in missing the point of what is being said.

Listed below are three responses that indicate we were attentive and listening to a potential customer, coworker, or acquaintance:

“That’s right” – A simple response that doesn’t require a long explanation and provides reassurance that you agree. It solidifies to the other person we are on the same page.

“I don’t know AND I’ll have an answer for you by EOD Thursday” – A honest response of “I don’t know” shows vulnerability, which can help all relationships, plus we have already scheduled a follow up!

“I didn’t know that…can you tell me more?” – Again, this response shows vulnerability, as well as an eagerness to learn from the other person. This builds knowledge AND our relationship with the other person.

Ultimately, we will win more when we are vulnerable, listen to understand, seek knowledge, and respond concisely and with intention.

The above can seem simple, but what do we do when we disagree with a customer? I will post some answers on 6/19. Stay tuned!