Make Every Interaction Count

Activity is undefeated, when it’s productive or you have fundamentally advanced the process and have are action steps – the next meeting is set or the copy is ready to be produced, there is a campaign to create or referrals to make. The best way to ensure this will happen is to do the following three things:

  1. Before the meeting, prepare.
  2. During the meeting, determine the next steps AND set a follow up meeting with a specific date and time.
  3. After the meeting, efficiently follow up on the next steps.

Below are some tips on these three tactics:

Sufficiently prepare for each meeting:

    1. Schedule the actual meeting.
    2. Schedule a parking lot meeting for before and after the actual meeting. In the parking lot meeting, review strategy and topics.
    3. Communicate with others (if applicable) about their role and strategy.
    4. Collaborate with the others, where appropriate, on any materials being produced for the meeting.
    5. Send materials to teammates as soon as they are ready so they can prepare (not an hour before the meeting).
    6. Look at recent news of the company and industry
    7. Pick a few first meeting questions and implication questions to ask in the meeting (do this for a first meeting or a 400th meeting!)

Determine next steps & set a follow up:

    1. Ask implication questions. i.e. What makes a good lead for you?
    2. Ask specific questions about the next steps in the relationship, partnership, or referral. Collaborate and set deadlines for when those things will happen.

After the meeting:

  1. Immediately, update Salesforce (or the CRM tool you use) with detailed notes.
  2. Update all teammates involved in partnership and set appointment for live conversation to discuss.
  3. Complete any action steps within 2 business days.

Productive activity with meaningful outcomes makes every interaction count.