Know Your Message

A few weeks ago, we talked about helping your customers clarify their story. What about your story?  Your ability to clearly deliver your “elevator speech” to a potential customer can be difference between them being a future customer for you versus a future customer one of your competitors.  In addition to future customers, having a good elevator speech can help you add integral centers of influence to your referral network (or as Bob Burg calls them your Army of Ambassadors).

Being able to succinctly give your elevator speech can be a daunting task. Over the years Craig Karmazin has coached the Good Karma Brands team on how to tell our stories “tight” and to tell it “right” with the six steps below.

  1. Identify the threat.
  2. Identify the victim of threat / denied opportunity.
  3. Identify the villains.
  4. Identify the solution. 
  5. Reveal the hero.

To explain each of these steps, below is an example of a way we tell Good Karma Brand’s story.

  1. Identify the threat: The changing technology and behaviors make it harder to reach consumers.
  2. Identify the victim of threat / denied opportunity: Local businesses who want and need to build their brands.
  3. Identify the villains: Netflix, Spotify, DVR’s, Satellite radio (a lot of the ears and eyeballs local businesses used to be able to reach on media are now watching/listening to forms of media that have no local advertising)
  4. Identify the solution: Multi-channel LOCAL Integrated partnerships including: live in-game sports audio/video, surrounding games, influencer marketing, endorsements and event activation
  5. Reveal the hero: GKB

If you struggle with finding a way to give a short, clear elevator speech use these steps to develop your story and tell it tight.