Keep It Simple

There is so much noise and uncertainty in the world today that it’s often tough to figure out what direction to go with each customer. The best way for us to win is for our customers to win, and the best way to do that is to keep it simple.

Every time we talk with a customer or potential customer, we should be asking three questions:

  1. What are they trying to accomplish?
  2. Why are they considering your product?
  3. How will they determine if their partnership with us is successful?

While disruption causes inconvenience and confusion, it also creates opportunity. The best and most effective way to take advantage of that opportunity is to simplify things for us and our customers. When we do that successfully, we will turn the confusion into opportunity and the opportunity into wins.

For each of your potential or current customers, ask yourself the three questions I posed above. This practice will help to clarify the partner’s WIFM (What’s in it for me). When we keep the partner’s WIFM in mind, we win.