How’s Biz?

For many, the holiday season means a time to reconnect with family and friends that we haven’t seen in a while. Gatherings will look different this year, virtual and social distanced, but you will still be asked “how’s business?” and your peers will be more curious this year than ever on your response.

How will you prepare to answer that question?

Keys to answering the “how’s biz” question:

1.      Be Specific: Avoid from saying vague statements such as “things are good” or “it’s been a tough year”. Give the person asking a tangible response, and something they can understand. “While the sports industry was greatly impacted this year, we were able to avoid laying off any teammates and grow year over year.”

2.      Be Positive & Honest: This year was difficult in a lot of ways—you don’t need to sugarcoat it. Don’t say it was a great year if it wasn’t. Talk about the impact of this year, what you learned, and how you will improve in the future and that you are looking forward to growth next year.

3.      Know Your Audience: If you know who you are talking to and their interests, you can be intentional about your response. Tell them something they’d be interested to know.

4.      Share Your Challenges for 2021: We will all continue to face unique challenges in 2021 and by talking about them, you are able to bring light to them and ultimately tackle them in the new year.

5.      Share Your Opportunities for 2021: By this point in the year, you have probably reflected on how you can win in 2021. Tell them how you plan to do so and don’t be afraid to ask for help if it makes sense.

6.      Offer to help: Ask how you can help them in 2021…I have heard we all in this together and make sure they know that is not just something said in commercials.

2020 has taught us a lot and one takeaway I have is we don’t know where the next important relationship will come from or how it starts. You never know who or what your crazy relative might know that can help, so if they ask…”how’s biz?” take the opportunity to let them know.