Handle Hard Better

Twice last week I watched the video by Kara Lawson about doing hard things and how to handle hard better – Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oDzfZOfNki4

Three things that were hard for me to do as a sales person were:

1) Calling customers to ask about past due invoices.

2) New business outreach, including cold calling and asking for referrals.

3) Internal Communication before, during and after the sale is made.

All three of these are regular parts of a sales role, and I still do versions of all three of these hard things in my current role. I realized that as I did them more, I got better at all of them and currently get to coach others on how to do these hard things better.

As you come across “hard things” whatever those “hard things” may be in your life, instead of avoiding them, look at them as an opportunity to get better at those things and one day you might even find yourself helping other teammates (and you yourself) handle hard better.