Golic Wins At AND

Since meeting him 18 months ago, our Vice President and Good Karma Brands Milwaukee Market Manager, @SteveWexler has championed the concept of AND to me. The concept is that in life, we look at too many decisions as OR situations.

For example, should your company be more focused on your culture OR your results?  Is it better to cold call more OR ask for referrals? Are first meetings more important OR is meeting with my current customers? All are good questions, but instead OR should be replaced with AND.

Many business professionals find themselves asking if they should focus on being better at their personal life OR being better at their professional life. This can’t be an OR question and now more than ever, we need to determine what success looks like personally AND professionally, and then go for it.

In my opinion, we recently saw a celebration of one of the most successful AND careers, professionally and personally. ESPN Radio’s @Mike Golic ended one of the most successful national morning show runs in radio history.  I could mention the many examples of how Mike Golic was successful professionally, including that he was never late for his 6 am radio show in the 22 years he hosted. I could also give you many examples about his AND, and that he just as successful on the personal side, too.  However, I would rather let his family and his co-host for 17 of those 22 years, Mike Greenberg, describe that Golic found a way to win at an elite level professionally AND personally.

Mike Greenberg’s tribute

Finally, surrounded by his AND Golic signs off.

Think about your AND, then channel your inner Golic and work hard to win at both.