GKB’s Gamechanger

Congratulations to Debbie Brown for being named one of the Sports Business Journal’s Game Changers. It is great to see Debbie starting to get the recognition externally that she deserves. Of course, at Good Karma Brands, we know that Debbie literally defines the word game changer. Debbie has held many roles at GKB throughout many different business units and has developed countless teammates and processes. One of her most important contributions has fundamentally changed the way we grow our teammates and our business.

For years, like most businesses, GKB focused on teammates’ weaknesses and how to get them better where they lacked ability. Debbie was the one that changed that narrative at GKB and wanted teammates to focus on each other’s strengths.  Debbie championed the Gallup‘s StrengthsFinder assessment, and we all took the Clifton Strength’s test, which new teammates also complete today. You are given five signature strengths from this exercise, and that is where many companies end the process.  Debbie wouldn’t let that happen. All new managers read Gallup’s “Now Discover Your Strengths” book and spend time discussing how to manage for each person on their team’s unique set of signature strengths. Which has resulted in our five signature strengths becoming part of our daily conversations in working with teammates.

Suddenly, instead of trying to be stronger where we lacked muscles, we focused on achieving more by flexing our strongest muscles. This produced happier, more successful teammates, which I believe has been a key to fueling GKB’s growth. Debbie did this by not only telling teammates to change the way they played the game, but she also modeled her strengths and discussed how she was using those strengths.

Debbie, the secret is out, and the rest of the world is finding out what we have all known for a long time. You are an absolute game changer and it has been fun learning from you and it’s an honor to be a teammate and a friend. Thank you for all you do for GKB and for me!