Forming Habits

Throughout our life and our careers, we form various habits that are incorporated into our daily routine and make us more productive and effective. What if you didn’t form those habits?  What if today was day one of your career or a new role? Would you change the habits you currently follow?

The first six months of your career or new position are a developmental time where you adopt and form new habits and attempt to get rid of old, bad habits. It is important to consistently evaluate your habits and continue to add positive ones to your routine.

In the process of forming a new habit, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What new result are you looking to accomplish?
  2. What manageable change can you make that will bring you that desired result?
  3. How will you measure your success?
  4. How will you hold yourself accountable?

It’s easy to think of a habit you want to change that is tough to measure, however, I would encourage you to identify one that can be measured. Danielle Brandon, Director of Training & Education at Good Karma Brands, often quotes Peter Drucker, the father of modern business management, when he said: “What gets measured gets improved.” This phrase is proven to be true over and over.   If you want to put yourself out there, I would love to see some habits in “comments” that you are hoping to create.  I have listed my in comments.