Don’t Go Chasing Rabbits

How are the last few months of 2020 going for you? Are you trying to find those last couple of sales to end this crazy year, while you’re looking at how relationships will evolve for 2021, while being accessible for your current customers as they go through planning for next year, while you are doing some kind of budgeting exercise?

One of Steve Wexler’s signature sayings that I have adopted is “don’t chase too many rabbits” which is an adaptation of the Chinese proverb: “if you chase two rabbits, both will escape.”

In addition, to not chasing too many rabbits, you also need to make sure you are chasing the rabbit that will help you win. Chasing the wrong rabbits will put winning further out of sight.

What does this mean and why does it matter? Rabbits could be leads, projects, initiatives.  If you chase every rabbit, you will wear yourself down and won’t catch any rabbits. It will leave you exhausted and unsuccessful from trying to do too much, and not doing any of them well enough.

This time of year is always a time there are a lot of rabbits we all want to chase but before you start chasing “a rabbit,” ask yourself some questions:

1.       Is this a rabbit worth chasing?

2.       How much time and energy am I willing to spend on this rabbit?

3.       What will I do if other, bigger rabbits cross my path?

Be strategic and deliberate which rabbits to chase. Think. Plan. Prioritize. Catch the right rabbit, and then go chase another one.

“Think. Plan. Prioritize.” Win.