Clarifying Message

Josh Yudin, Founder of the Academy of Marketing, says that the best way to make more and bigger sales in marketing is to bring order out of chaos for your customers.  The way to do that is to help clarify your customer’s message with a goal of getting their customers to purchase their product or service.

How do you do that? Below are few ways to help clarify your customer’s message:

  1. Your marketing or advertising partner (client) needs to understand how they’re bringing order out of chaos to their customers. If you believe they already do, skip to step 4.
  2. If you believe your client doesn’t yet understand how they are bringing order out of chaos, then it is important to dig in with them and help them to create their narrative, which is the story they are going to tell. You can send various resources about the topic including articles, podcasts, Ted Talks, and more. One of my favorites to send to customers is Simon Sinek’s Ted Talk “Start with Why”.  Please share others in the comment section of Time to Win. 
  3. Next, it is important to ask great questions and practice active listening. The goal is for the client to realize their message and for you to help guide and consult them there.

     Please note that steps 2 and 3 are not about their actual product, but what their overall brand narrative or story will be. 

4. Now that your client’s narrative is bringing order out of chaos for their customers, it’s time to help craft their message. Use your               resources for help with this step. For example:

a. Discuss, listen and learn from your peers, especially those in industries which excel in the development of creative messages.

b. Seek out a current or potential customer of your client’s product and ask them about their decision making as it relates to the                  product or service.

c. Listen to the podcast Business Made Simple, episodes #130 to 136. Begin with episode #130 “How To Define What Your Customer        Really Wants” and take notes on key takeaways.

d. Listen to the podcast Marketing Made Simple – first six episodes that launched at the end of last month.

Helping clarify your current or future client’s message and brand story, and bringing order out of chaos to their customers will make            you a trusted advisor as it related to their marketing, increase the effectiveness of their marketing, and you will win a lot more.