Bubble Coffee

For this Time To Win I decided to highlight something lighthearted happening in the NBA Bubble. However, I do want to acknowledge there are bigger social and political things going on in and around The Bubble right now. For my thought on how to have conversations around these topics in a business setting here is an article I wrote in June on the topic.

Now let’s go to the NBA Bubble for a great example of understanding your customers and then making it simple for them to purchase your product.

Jimmy Butler quickly realized the NBA Bubble was missing high quality coffee and he planned to fill the void. Here is the article about what he did.

We can all learn from what Butler did in how we look at our own revenue opportunities and how we help consult our customers and future customers on opportunities they might be able to monetize. Here are the key concepts from the article IMO:

  1. Understand what your customers/partners want and what benefit they are receiving from working with you. In this case good coffee that they weren’t previously getting.
  2. Clearly define what you are selling- see white board!
  3. Make the purchasing process easy. What size do you want and which flavor? Great that will be $20 cash.

Ultimately, the opportunity for Jimmy Butler to make incremental revenue in 2020 is probably not what he thought it would be. However, he adapted to his current situation (locked in a bubble) and came up with a solution. A great blue print for winning in 2020 and beyond.