Better than AI

Most of us have seen or heard that AI (Artificial Intelligence) is going to take over everything, including most purchasing decisions. In simple terms, this means that decisions are being made by a machine or software that is programmed to make that decision based on the exact specifications asked for by the purchaser or programmer. The closest thing in most sales and marketing professional’s world to AI is programmatic (or machine) buying and transactional partnerships; the machine decides which product to order due to some analytical algorithmic equation. This happens because a buyer of a specific industry’s product plugs in what they want into a software and based on these qualifications; it spits out the decision. It is very cool.

However, there is one thing AI will never do and it happens to be one of GKB’s core values: Overdeliver. AI wants to deliver exactly what it is being asked to deliver, no more and no less. If you want to continue to differentiate yourself from even the smartest technology, the question is: how do you overdeliver more consistently?

The answer is to use Good Karma Brands four other core values (Listen, Be Honest, Follow Through and Work Hard).  Each of these core values are needed if you want to overdeliver.  Below are a few examples about how to consistently overdeliver for your customers using these four core values:

  1. Ask questions about what your customers are looking to accomplish (objectives). Ask what delivery means for your customers and future customers, and make sure you have a good understanding of them— listen to understand not to sell.
  2. Once you understand your customer’s needs, you need to be realistic about what you can deliver. It is easy to over-promise when you want that yes. However, if you over-promise, you cannot overdeliver—honesty.
  3. Once you set realistic expectations for your customer, make sure you deliver on everything. This includes over communicating to your customers—follow through.
  4. Making a sale is when the work begins. By the time you are done delivering on everything you said you would do, it is not easy to get the energy to do more. However, to overdeliver you must find the energy to do more—work hard.

When you know what your customers want AND you set realistic expectations on what you will deliver AND you do what you say you will do AND then you do more, you will have overdelivered. The act of over delivering will set you apart from your human and other competition AND you will win!