Stephanie Prince

West Palm

We had a meeting the other day with a longtime partner to discuss their overall marketing for this year. They recently dropped their agency of over 20 years and really don't have a feel for the digital space at all, so this could be a great opportunity to grow our partnership. We put together a presentation that was fine, but Stephanie had a vision of how to make it better and she did just that. The night before the meeting, she completely overhauled the presentation and gave it a very cool football theme that the partner really loved. The presentation stood out in a big way and so did we because Stephanie is the ultimate team player and gave of herself because she knew it could be better. That alone is awesome, but to also get it done with a caravan of kids under 5 running around the house is simply remarkable. She is our fearless leader for a reason and she makes us all better time and time again. I cannot thank you enough Stephanie.