Beaver dam


The Beaver Dam team has continued to host Brat Frys throughout the summer, following proper mask and social distancing guidelines to keep the community safe. In addition, we have partnered with Green Valley Enterprises, Inc. to give kids within their program the opportunity to volunteer at the Brat Frys. Joann, team lead at Green Valley Enterprises, sent the following feedback to the team about two of the kids, Cory and Jeremy.

“They report that they love being part of the brat frys.  Cory likes that he is in charge of handing out sodas and is now doing this independently. Job coaching helps Cory build his customer service skills. The positive praise he gets from the radio station staff means a lot to him.  Jeremy enjoys being part of the brat wrapping team.  He worked with his job coach and radio station staff to learn to follow the established food handling procedures. Jeremy also beams with pride when his work is praised.”