I GKBelieve

While I am a passionate sports fan and was a long-time sports talk host/personality, I am absolutely atrocious at playing sports or anything that requires a discernible athletic skill. This can be best summed up in my Monumental Sports Moment, in which I played a former D-3 college basketball player (Mike Cutler) in 1-on-1, with the rules being him spotting me 99 points and first one to 100 points wins. That's right, he had to score 100 points and I just had to score one basket.

97 Mike Cutler points later, and on the brink of the most embarrassing defeats anywhere a basketball court existed, I heaved up a prayer from the top of the key, and it was answered. I "won" 102-97. And probably celebrated by eating some shipped Lou Malnati's, which hopefully I will be scarfing down after telling the GKB world of this Monumental Sports Disaster, I mean Memory.

The video can actually be found here since the story probably doesn't do it justice: