The Crew Not Yeli Contest

On Sunday, January 26, 2020, Craig Karmazin during Sunday Karma on 94.5 ESPN Milwaukee and 100.5 ESPN Madison 10:00a – Noon CST. will allow each of the callers that day on the show to pick a Milwaukee professional baseball player name outside of Christian Yelich. The player who is the biggest difference maker throughout the 2020 regular season (April 2020 – September 2020) per Craig Karmazin’s sole discretion will win a pair of tickets (2 tickets) to the first Milwaukee Brewers playoff game at Miller Park. The grand prize of the tickets will only be awarded if the Milwaukee professional baseball team makes it to the playoffs. If the Milwaukee professional baseball team plays an away Wild Card game and loses, the winner will receive a pair of tickets to a mutually agreed upon Milwaukee Brewers regular season game in April 2021, excluding Opening Day. If the Milwaukee professional baseball team does not make the playoffs, a random winner out of the callers will win an ESPN Milwaukee t-shirt.

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