Redemption Man during Homer & Gabe

Did you try your luck in Rainman on Homer & Gabe and not do to good? Or did you not even participate but knew the answers to the Rainman challenge that no one got right? Try and get redemption on our new trivia game, Redemption Man!

Fans will have a chance to play in Redemption Man ONLY if any questions from the Rainman segment was NOT answered correctly by the contestant or Gabe that day. Redemption Man will take place every Wednesday starting January 8, 2019 through Friday, August 28, 2020 on the Homer & Gabe show from 3pm to 6pm. Here’s how it works:

  • If there are one (1) or more questions answered incorrectly from the Rainman segment that day, a random caller will have one (1) chance to answer as many of those questions correctly.
  • If the caller gets their question right, he/she moves on to the next question. If the caller gets a question wrong, then the next caller up will have a chance to answer the remaining questions. This will happen until all the questions are answered correctly or the Redemption Man segment comes to an end.
  • Each correct answer will count as (1) point. All participants will have a chance each week the contest runs to add to their points. Points will be kept throughout the duration of the Promotion.
  • The participant that has the most points by the end of the contest season will win an ESPN Milwaukee Prize Pack. After the season winner has been selected, all points will be cleared and a new round will start.
  • The following dates will signify the end of each season, and end of the Promotion:
    • NBA season – 4/15/20
    • MLB season – 8/28/20

Get a chance at redemption by playing Redemption Man to win yourself an ESPN Milwaukee Prize Pack!


Click here for official contest rules.