frequently asked questions

Who can come into the office? No one is allowed to come into the office except for those who need to do so to put content on the air. Content creators, Content Directors and Division Managers are all able to go into the office. We instituted this policy to keep those who must be in the office healthy and assist with social distancing. 

Why are some content teammates being asked to work from home? We want to continue on the course of helping to slow the spread of the virus and separating teammates as much as possible is the best solution.

I am a content teammate. How should I best clean the equipment I need to use? Please wipe down mics, mudders and all other equipment with a disinfectant wipe that is not soaking wet. Spray foam mudders with Lysol or another disinfecting spray. In addition, it is now company policy that you wash your hands for at least 20 seconds before and after every shift.  

What do I do if we’re out of disinfecting wipes or getting low? Please immediately let your Team Administrator know, who will alert the Home Office to send more. 

What are GKB’s policies regarding sick days for content teammates? Content teammates do not have a limit to the amount of sick days. Please ask Jocelyn Sell for help in submitting time off that will not impact your PTO. 

Are we still meeting with partners? Yes as long as it is not in-person. The PDS team is still calling and setting meetings, they are just going to be phone meetings or via video conference. At this point, to protect our teammates and our partners, we are asking all teammates to refrain from meeting partners in person. 

I’m not feeling well, or may have been exposed to the virus… what do I do? If you’re a content teammate, do not come into the office. All teammates should know that you can still take time off if you are sick. If you have coronavirus or have been exposed to the virus and may have exposed other teammates to it, please let your manager know. Please contact your doctor and follow their recommendations. 

How do we set up a video or screen share meeting? You can do this via Teams in Outlook. For help, visit Sharepoint > GKB Training > How to Technology/Software for a 1-sheet on setting up a Team meeting in Outlook, or ask Jody Nielsen for assistance.  

How do I join a Teams meeting from my phone? To install the Teams app on your phone, go to your App store and download it. To install it on your computer, log into and click on the Teams app.  

How do I mute/unmute or video conference from the Teams app? Hover your finger over the current conversation and select the microphone to mute or unmute yourself. To turn on your camera, select the camera icon. To share your screen, look for the arrow icon and you can choose which content to share.  

What do we do about prizes? None of our offices should have fans come to the office to pick up any prizes right now. For those who have won tickets to an event that was cancelled or postponed, please review the contest rules for a contingency plan and wait for direction from the team, venue or league. Do not promise additional tickets or another prize.  

Where do I find the GKB teammate directory? Go to the Team Site in Sharepoint, then Home Office > Teammate Directory (keep in mind, you can find the Home Office Guide in this site too which has Home Office go-to’s and processes).