The GOAT of KNR Tournament

The GOAT of KNR Printable Bracket

Who is the biggest personality in the storied history of WKNR? This month we put it to the test….and let the fans decide. Beginning Tuesday, May 12th, the fans have their say as current and former station personalities are matched up head-to-head in an NCAA-tournament style bracket. Will top seeds like Tony Rizzo, Bruce Drennan, Jim Donovan or Geoff Dindelar take home the title? Or will a Cinderella seed win it all? Four regions, three weeks, and only 1 GOAT (Greatest of All Time) of KNR will come out on top. Listen in and cast your votes.

The GOAT of KNR Bracket is presented by Olde River Yacht Club!

For Detailed Promotion Rules: The GOAT of KNR Promotional Rules