RBS Offseason Bingo

The football offseason in Cleveland can be hectic and stressful. The Really Big Show wants to help make it fun for fans all offseason long.

The Really Big Show has put together a bingo board of potential storylines for the Browns. Fans will be able to call or Tweet to earn the chance to be assigned one of these possible storylines. If that storyline becomes reality, you win!

Call in during RBS from 9 AM to 1 PM ET on Monday, January 31st, or tweet at @ESPNCleveland using the hashtag #RBSOffseasonBingo for your chance to enter and be assigned a square. Depending on the square you get, you could win a First Down prize pack, a Big Play prize pack, or a Hail Mary prize pack!

Callers will choose a random number in order to be assigned their square. Twitter entries will be assigned squares at random. If your square comes true, you win! All of the possible squares are listed below:

First Down
-Baker Mayfield starts the season as Browns QB
-Baker Mayfield posts from his Twitter or Instagram account
-David Njoku returns to the Browns
-David Njoku leaves the Browns
-Rashard Higgins returns to the Browns
-Rashard Higgins leaves the Browns
-D’Earnest Johnson leaves the Browns
-Jadeveon Clowney leaves the Browns
-Jarvis Landry leaves the Browns
-Denzel Ward signs an extension with the Browns
-Browns select a wide receiver in the first round of the draft
-Browns draft an Ohio State player
-Browns draft a kicker
-Browns trade down in the first round of the draft
-Browns sign a wide receiver in free agency
-Parlay Paw hits a parlay before the draft
-Chase McLaughlin is the Opening Day kicker
-Big Browns news breaks while Rizz is on vacation*

Big Play
-Browns draft a quarterback
-Browns sign Mitchell Trubisky
-Browns sign Marcus Mariota
-Browns acquire Kirk Cousins
-Browns release Case Keenum
-Browns name Nick Mullens backup QB
-Baker Mayfield is traded
-Progressive drops Baker Mayfield as an endorser
-JC Tretter retires
-D’Earnest Johnson returns to the Browns
-Jadeveon Clowney returns to the Browns
-Austin Hooper leaves the Browns
-Browns player holds out during training camp
-Browns select a defensive lineman in the first round of the draft
-Any Browns coordinator leaves for another NFL coaching job
-Odell Beckham, Jr., publicly criticizes the Browns or Baker Mayfield
-Prominent national publication picks the Browns to win the Super Bowl*
-Joe Thomas named color analyst for Browns Radio Network
-Hammer takes a job elsewhere

Hail Mary
-Baker Mayfield demands to be traded
-Baker Mayfield signs an extension with the Browns before training camp
-Browns trade for Derek Carr
-Browns trade for Jimmy Garoppolo
-Browns trade for Russell Wilson
-Browns trade for Aaron Rodgers
-Browns trade for Deshaun Watson
-Browns trade up in the first round of the draft
-Browns select a quarterback with their first pick in the draft
-Kevin Stefanski gives up playcalling
-New color analyst for Browns Radio Network is not a former player
-Hue Jackson finally releases his book
-RBS finally breaks ground on The Really Big Bar

*as determined by the hosts of The Really Big Show

RBS Offseason Bingo Rules