How To Lose With Purpose

In order to win more, you need to be willing to lose more. However, it’s not just about getting more losses; it’s about what you and your team are able to learn from the losses.  A loss is defined by a customer saying no to an idea and/or a product.

Take “no” as a deferred yes and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Did you know the current/future client’s objective?
  • Did what you present to them help them achieve that objective?
  • Did you explain what you presented in a way they could understand how it can benefit them and achieve their objective?

If you and your team did all the above, and you still got a no, then it will be easy to determine what you’re misperceiving. The customer investing their time in sitting down with you to tell you no means you have a great relationship. Take advantage of this opportunity and ask the following questions to your future client to figure out what you’re missing:

  • Did you have the objective(s) correct?
  • If yes, did they understand your solutions, how they can benefit them and reach their objectives?
  • If yes, did they believe the solution will help them achieve that objective?
  • If yes, was the cost on the campaign or whatever was presented an amount they’re comfortable investing?
  • If they are not comfortable investing that amount, what amount are they comfortable investing?  Note:  Just because they give you a lower number, this shouldn’t mean you are dropping the cost to receive the same products, it will just give you insight to understand how much they value your products.

Take “no” as a deferred yes… and when you do that, you will turn your losses into wins!