Hold Your Pen

“When writing the story to your life… don’t let anyone else hold the pen.” Megan Rosey(Sr. Marketing Consultant Cleveland) was the first person I saw post this quote, and it remains one of my favorites this time of year.

Most of us have determined our goals for the year and what we will consider a “successful” year.  For those in sales, it sometimes feels like you aren’t in 100% control of that success.  You could be thinking you will have a successful 2024 if a certain industry gets back to pre-pandemic spending levels on your product or if interest rates go down.  When we count on outside factors like these to be successful, we are letting someone else hold our pen.  A way to start writing your own story is to focus on the small wins that will eventually lead to a winning year.  Determine what a winning week, a winning day and a winning meeting look like.  Then focus on how you can measure the success of each of these and hold yourself accountable to it.  By doing this, you will be taking control of the “pen” and setting yourself up for success.

As an example, someone in sales might set the following goal:

1.       Every week I will go on 10 meetings.

2.       Every day I will schedule (2) additional meetings

3.       70% of the time I meet with a current customer, I will leave with action steps and a follow up meeting on the books to discuss those actions

The key is holding yourself accountable to these small wins.