Focus and Understand Your Strengths

You might wonder what happened to my spelling, grammar, and proofreading on the post. Today, I am proud to congratulate my editors, who have no idea that I’m writing this without them, for being honored as 2020 Karmy (Good Karma Brands version of the Dundee’s for Office fans) Award winners.

In a year when teammates had fears about their financial, emotional, and physical health, communication was a key differentiator with Emily Dillinger (VP of Education and Communication) and Liz Staed (Director of Commuunication) leading the way on our team. They did this in an engaging, professional and effective way (or is it affective…not sure without them😊).

Being able to communicate frequently and virtually was a key to success in 2020. Why is this a Time To Win post and not just a post saying thanks? It’s not only to recognize the importance of communication, but to also emphasize that Emily and Liz are comfortable with who they are (despite how uncomfortable they will be with this post…sorry not sorry) and understanding their individual strengths. They also keep in mind the strengths of their teammates so each message can make its intended impact.

While companies use many different strength/personality tests, at GKB we use Gallup’s Strengthsfinder. There are countless others including Myers BriggsJung’s Insights and Patrick Lencioni just introduced a new one, Working Genius.

2020 proved to us we will never be able to predict the future but if we know and understand our own strengths, like Emily and Liz, and focus on effective communication with our teams, we will position ourselves to wynn (see, I need their help!).