Finish the Bar

Each week on MKE in the Morning, a lucky caller will get to call in and play “Finish The Bar”!  Join Mel and DZ every Tuesday morning from 7-10 am for your chance to play.  Once a caller is selected via the cue to call, the producer will play a song for the caller to hear the lyrics and then stop the song mid-sentence or bar.  The caller then has to finish the sentence or bar.  If the first caller cannot successfully finish the lyric, we will immediately move on to the next caller until we have a winner.

Beginning on March 14, 2021 through May 30, 2023,  we are giving a Gruber Law Offices prize pack away every week for the next year! The Gruber Prize Pack includes a Gruber t-shirt, Gruber Drawstring Bag, and hand sanitizer.

Click here for official contest rules.