ESPN is a powerful brand and the top brand in sports. Today, Good Karma Brands is the largest Top 100 Market operator for ESPN and is a best practices leader within ESPN Audio. Our goal is to create quality content to keep sports fans coming back for more.

Our ESPN markets help local, regional and national marketers grow their businesses using a wide variety of assets. No two marketing campaigns are alike, and we prefer long-term partnerships over short-sighted campaigns.

Espn Cleveland

espn-clevelandIn Cleveland, sports are more than just water cooler talk. Cleveland sports fans are passionate, fiercely loyal and dedicated to their teams. ESPN Cleveland is the official home of the Cleveland Browns and Ohio State football, and a historical destination for sports fans near and far. Learn more:


ESPN Cleveland Lineups

Monday – Friday
6a-10a: Golic & Wingo
12p-3p: Jim Rome
3p-6:30p: ESPN Radio

Monday – Friday
6a-9a: Golic & Wingo
9a-1p: The Really Big Show
1p-3p: Cleveland Browns Daily
3p-5p: The Next Level
5p-6p: The Insiders
6p-7p: ESPN Cleveland Tonight
7p-9p: ESPN Radio

Espn Madison

espn-madisonMadison, frequently named the nation’s best college sports town, is a small town with a lot of spirit. ESPN Madison is the best place for local and national sports talk, and features signature events such as ESPN Wisconsin College GameDay to bring fans and marketing partners together year after year. Learn more:



ESPN Madison Lineup

Monday – Friday
6a-10a: Golic & Wingo
9a-11a: Wilde & Tausch
11a-12p: On the Rocks
12p-3p: The Dan LeBatard Show with Stugotz

3p-6p: Homer & Gabe
5p-7p (Thurs): In the Trenches
6p-7p (M,T,F): ESPN Wisconsin Tonight
6p-7p (Wed): Pat Richter Show

Espn Milwaukee

espn-milwaukeeESPN Milwaukee boasts a powerful array of sports marketing assets, from local and national sports talk programming to Hispanic sports marketing and activation, and events year-round that keep fans and partners engaged. Learn more:


ESPN Milwaukee Lineup

Monday – Friday
6a-10a: Golic & Wingo
9a-11a: Wilde & Tausch
11a-12p: Dan & Bryan

12p-3p: The Dan LeBatard Show with Stugotz
3p-6p: Homer & Gabe
6p-6:30p (FRIDAY): Wisconsin Sports Awards Weekly

Espn West Palm

espn-westpalmESPN West Palm is Palm Beach County and the Treasure Coast’s home for sports, featuring entertaining and engaging sports talk, the best coverage of the stories affecting the local area, and presence at the biggest sports marketing events in the community. Learn more:


ESPN West Palm Lineup

Monday – Friday
6a-10a: Golic & Wingo
10a-1p: Dan LeBatard Show w/ Stugotz
1p-3p: Stephen A. Smith

3p-5p: Josh Cohen & The HomeTeam
5p-6p: Evan Cohen
6p: ESPN West Palm Tonight, Play by Play

Espn Deportes

ESPN Deportes features signature events in each market for local community activation, as well as the best in play-by-play and national sports talk programming.
Learn more:

West Palm 

ESPN Digital

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